Coastal Hydraulics is the expert resource in the fabrication, assembly, repair, refurbishment, rebuilding, maintenance, design, and replacement sales of hydraulic and pneumatic systems and components for industrial and mobile equipment applications.

We re-engineer, repair, and custom build cylinders, hydraulic components and complete systems to your requirements, often improving on OEM designs for your application. Services include:  system design and re-engineering; on-site field service; 24/7 emergency repairs; OEM warranty repair; mobile crane and rigging inspections, service, and repair; emergency vehicle service, inspection, and repair; and our most recent offering HVOF coatings to replace hard chrome coatings and improve component and machine life and performance.

We maintain an inventory of hydraulic parts and subcomponents and serve as a distributor for a wide range of hydraulic and pneumatic parts including seals, seal kits, pumps, motors, valves, hose and tubing, fittings, winches, jacks, vacuum pumps, lobe style blowers, air valves, and other accessories.

With a vast array of in house capabilities, we are uniquely positioned to provide fast turnaround, especially for emergency repairs.   We have a versatile machine shop that has quick turnaround capacity as well.  From repair on robotic air cylinders to work on huge industrial dredge cylinders, we can meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Tell us about your project or contact us to learn more.