HVOF Coatings

INNOVATIVE Coatings Solutions

Coastal Hydraulics is the first in the area to offer HVOF, High Velocity Oxy Fuel coating for parts and components.  Our HVOF experts  and state-of-the-art equipment provide the best performing industrial coatings for your applications.

Watch our HVOF video below to learn more about the in-house HVOF capabilities we offer at Coastal Hydraulics.  We also discuss several of the industries we serve and some of their specific applications.

Benefits of HVOF versus other coating options:

  • Outperforms hard coatings and helps components last 4 to 5 times longer
  • Decreases machinery downtime and improves profitability
  • Prolongs seal life up to 200% because it is scratch resistant
  • Performs ideally for many industries including: marine and ship repair, steel and paper mills, cranes and construction equipment, heavy manufacturing and others

Contact us today to learn more about HVOF industrial coatings and how Coastal Hydraulics can help extend the life of your parts.

Schedule a demonstration to see for yourself how the process works.

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