Spotlight on Safety: Safety Awareness Training from IFPS

fluid power society

The International Fluid Power Society offers safety training as well as safety posters and cards to members and non members.

Safety training courses include:

  • Hydraulics Safety Training
  • “In The Line of Fire: Causes and Dangers of Fluid Injection Injuries”
  • “Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility”

Visit the IFPS website to learn more about the safety training materials and courses available.


posted November 20, 2017

We Are Hiring Hydraulic Mechanics

Coastal Hydraulics is currently hiring hydraulic mechanics.  See the job description and details below.  To apply, contact Joyce Maffett at or by phone at 843-572-5714 or complete the form on our Careers page.


The primary responsibility of the Hydraulic Mechanic is to service and repair various cylinders, pumps, motors, and power units-including testing, trouble-shooting, repair and assembly. You must be able to:

  • Diagnose problems and give recommendations for repairs
  • Use schematics and diagnostic equipment to investigate hydraulic or pneumatic system problems
  • Evaluate, tear down and repair cylinders, pumps, motors and power units
  • Inspect parts and various components. Determine if parts are re-workable and write up service report
  • Reassemble components when repair is complete and prepare for delivery to customer

The qualified individual will have the following skills and experience:

  • Minimum of 5 years fluid power experience (hydraulic, pneumatic and/or electro-mechanical) or equivalent training
  • Ability to read hydraulic schematics
  • Ability to fully understand hydraulic systems- size and build, preferred
  • Basic mechanical abilities and /or formal mechanical training
  • Ability to use a variety of hand tools and operate jib cranes and forklifts without assistance
  • Ability to use various tools for measurement (micrometer, id micrometer, and calipers)
  • Ability to complete field service work independently
  • Ability to trouble shoot and properly diagnose failure of hydraulic pumps
  • Ability to identify a wide range of fluid power manufacturers and to recognize their products and complete initial parts quoting
  • Regularly required to sit, stand and lift up to 75 lbs. required
  • Overtime may be required during extended weekday hours or for plant shutdowns on weekends or during call rotation


Position is located in Charleston, SC.  Coastal Hydraulics, Inc. offers a competitive salary and comprehensive benefits including 401k, company paid healthcare premiums and long-term disability.  Background check (including criminal record) and drug screening are required.

posted November 8, 2017

What is HVOF and Why is it Better Than Hard Chrome?

Coastal Hydraulics’ resident HVOF expert, Jeff Kenney, frequently speaks on HVOF Coating – High Velocity Oxygen Fuel – and why it is superior to hard chrome coatings.  Some highlights of typical questions answered during one of Jeff’s presentations are below.  Contact Jeff at for more information or to request a presentation for your company. Learn more about HVOF by clicking here.

What is HVOF Thermal Spraying?

HVOF stands for High Velocity Oxygen Fuel.  An HVOF thermal spraying system uses the combustion of gases to fuel the flame for spraying – Coastal Hydraulics uses ethanol as it generates no hazardous waste or byproduct and is environmentally friendly.

Why was HVOF technology created?

The cutting edge and environmentally friendly HVOF technology provides a safe working environment for associates repairing and coating components.  HVOF also provides a long-term, robust repair solution for hydraulic, pneumatic and fluid power components.

Why replace hard chrome plating?

The hard chrome plating process produces large amounts of toxic waste, including hexavalent chrome which is a known carcinogen.  The EPA and OSHA have mandated more stringent stack emission levels as well as lowering of permissible exposure limits for workers.  The use of hard chrome plating has increased costs and risks for businesses.

What are some other benefits of HVOF coatings?

In addition to environmental and safety benefits, HVOF coatings provide many benefits to customers.  Some of these include:  high density with low porosity; improved corrosion barrier; higher hardness ratings (1400 on Vickers scale whereas chrome is 930); improved wear resistance (HVOF coatings last 3 times longer than chrome, seals last approximately 200% longer); high bond strength; thick coatings; smoother than other sprayed surfaces

Give some examples of industries that use HVOF and the parts and components that can be HVOF sprayed.

Many industries can benefit from HVOF coatings.  In particular, we have seen dramatic results in the marine industry (cargo handling, ship building and repair), the power industry (2 re-seals and a polish over the course of 2 years with HVOF verses 4 re-seals and 4 re-chromes on the same chrome plated part), and heavy equipment such as cranes and construction equipment.  Fluid power, hydraulic and pneumatic repairs in cylinders, corner groups, strut rods, linkage pins, and rotating shafts have benefitted greatly from HVOF coatings in our experience.

How can I learn more about HVOF coatings for my applications?

Call me, Jeff Kenney, at 843-572-5714. Email me at, or visit our website at


posted October 2, 2017

The Importance of Preventive Maintenance of Hydraulic Systems

An informative article on Reliability Web outlines the importance of preventive maintenance of hydraulic systems and notes that the lack of proper maintenance is the leading source of hydraulic component and system failure.

Click to read the article – Maintenance of Hydraulic Systems

Coastal Hydraulics offers preventive and corrective maintenance of hydraulic systems and components to keep machines operational.

  • Protect Machinery During Summer Heat
  • Keep Machines Running and Profits Increasing
  • Maintain Machines for Optimal Performance
  • Increase Machinery Lifespan with Routine Maintenance
  • Avoid Downtime and Costly Repairs

Learn more about Coastal Hydraulics’ capabilities by watching our video or contact us with questions or to request a quote.

posted June 17, 2017

Hydraulics & Pneumatics Experts – The Coastal Hydraulics Team

Coastal Hydraulics TeamAt  Coastal Hydraulics, we know that our company’s success is due to our team of dedicated and experienced professionals. We are proud to be an ISO 9001:2008 registered company since 1999.  With over 200 years of combined hydraulics and pneumatics experience under one roof, the experts at Coastal Hydraulics are sure to find the most efficient solutions for your hydraulic and pneumatic needs.

Our team members hold many certifications from the International Fluid Power Society including: Industrial Hydraulic Mechanic, Mobile Hydraulic Mechanic, Mobile Hydraulic Technician. Coastal Hydraulics also has technicians who have completed the Mobile Crane and Rigging Inspector training and are certified by the Crane Inspection and Certification Bureau. In addition, we have welders who are Section 9 qualified by the American Society of Engineers and approved by the American Bureau of Shipping.

Learn more about our team and our company – click here to visit our website.

posted September 15, 2016

Coastal Hydraulics Adds HVOF Coatings to Services

Coastal Hydraulics has a new offering to customers: HVOF (High Velocity Oxy Fuel) coatings to replace hard chrome coatings. The innovative technology is new to the hydraulics and pneumatics industries, and Coastal Hydraulics is the only company in the Carolinas and Georgia to offer HVOF coatings.

Some of the benefits of HVOF coatings include:

  • Prolonged part/component life
  • Improved resistance against wear and chemicals
  • Improved part/component performance
  • Decreased machinery down time
  • Reduced whole life cycle coating costs
  • Lower environmental impact than other coating options

Learn more about HVOF coatings and our in house capabilities by visiting our website –

posted September 12, 2016